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The Fax Machine

Nowadays, there is no longer a need to stand in front of a fax machine waiting patiently for a piece of paper to come through. Now, you can get all of your faxes sent straight toy our email inbox. Email to fax for free is a service that is quickly gaining in popularity and as more and more people use it, you may wondering if this is a bandwagon you should jump on too.

When you use email to fax for free you have the ability to receive faxes and send them straight from your email. This means that wherever you are, you will be able to communicate and send documents by fax. If you need to use an internet enabled device to do it, you can do so from wherever you are. Need free fax to email? Go to

The email to fax for free service providers use secure connections to get your fax from your email to the recipient. This means that you not only have a faster and more convenient way to send documents, but you also have a safe way. With each of your transmissions, you receive a delivery report which details what time the fax was sent and who it was sent to, and you can keep this on your computer for your records.

Having your own fax number also means that no one gets to see your faxes but you. They will come straight to your inbox and you can decide whether to print them, forward them on or reply to them, as you would with an email. The service is totally uninterrupted and allows for you to send and receive documents no matter what the phone lines are doing. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to do your faxing.

So without having to pay, you actually get a lot of benefits when you use an email to fax for free service provider. No initial outlay and the incredible benefits of fax to email services means you have access to a better and more reliable way to do business. Contact Eco Fax  or today and start faxing.

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